Passage of Time

  1. Gallery Concept
  2. Installation
  3. Future, Present, Past
  4. First Three
  5. Artist Submissions

  1.      Passerby Gallery featured an ever-evolving display of three 2x3ft posters on a 6x3ft billboard. The billboard served to display my KCAD thesis, proving the impermanence of all three distinct regions of time (Past, Present, Future)
  2.      It was installed in April, 2020 in the alleyway on the side of my duplex, frequented by hospital staff and other folk on the way to the hospital nearby.
  3.      The posters, designed in advance (Future), were applied to the gallery (Present) once a day (Past) to create a constantly-rotating gallery. Every poster was inevitably buried behind a new poster (Impermanence) and the cycle would begin again.
  4.      I designed the first three posters reflecting my own personal relationships with the past, present and future.
  5.      Subsequent posters were a mix of personal designs and artist submissions. There were no restrictions on what artists could design. Each artwork displayed in the gallery was documented for the artist and displayed digitally for remote viewing.

︎︎︎ April—September 2020. Inspired and sanctioned by designer and educator Erik Brandt’s Ficciones Typografika.