A tribute to the late graphic designer, Wolfgang Weingart.

The design consists of an excerpt from Weingart’s Wege Zur Typographie typeset in Univers. The excerpt is surrounded with structured designs, representing the Swiss International style prominent when Weingart began teaching at the Künstgewerbeschule Basel.

Weingart’s name is displayed in the center of the poster, wild and organic, an homage to his rebellious flare which shook up the school’s rigid an meticulously clean style. The occupation of negative space and alternative use of traditional design tools pays honor the designer, locking the organic design within the confines of clean Swiss-inspired graphics while still allowing it to resonate and take center stage. Wolfgang’s signature is proudly displayed in the bottom right corner of the poster.

For further reading of the poster’s contents, the excerpt from Weingart's Wege Zur Typographie can be found here.

︎︎︎ 2019 @ KCAD